TERRAX Machine Tap (Type B)



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DIN 371 Type B High Speed Steel or Cobalt M/Tap from Terrax. Single Piece Straight Flute Intermediate (B) Shape Tap. Contains HD Shank.

The machine tap consists of heavy-duty high-speed steel. For through threads and bottoming threads in unalloyed steels up to a strength of 800 N/mm², malleable.The thread is cut in one operation. High speed tool steel, best known as 'high speed steel', refers to a group of alloyed tool steels with up to 2.06% carbon content and up to 30% proportion of alloying elements such as tungsten, molybdenum, vanadium, cobalt, nickel and titanium. HSS materials are characterised by great hardness, wear resistance and heat resistance up to 600° C. The HSS tools are less sensitive to shocks and vibrations, which sometimes quickly lead to breaks in the harder cutting materials.


Tap Size
Tap Type
Tap MaterialHigh Speed Steel
Set SizeSingle Piece
Taper Tap

Inter Tap

Final Tap


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