TERRAX Drill Set HSS with TiN Coating



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Product Details

Drill Set High Speed Steel TiN 1-13mm in 0.5mm Steps.

Available as a 19 Piece or 25 Piece set.

Optional Plastic or Steel Case

Powerful, ground twist drill made of high-performance high-speed steel.
The completely ground twist drill has increased concentricity. The TiN coating increases the surface hardness to approx. 2,300 HV and the hot hardness resistance up to 600 ° C. Achieving a long service life with increased cutting values.

Additional Information

Areas of application:

For steel, cast steel alloyed and unalloyed (up to 1100 N / mm² strength), gray, tempered, spheroidal and die cast, sintered iron, nickel silver, Graphite, short-cutting aluminum alloys, brass and bronze.


Diameter Range1.0mm-10.0mm
MaterialHigh Speed Steel
Set Size19 Pieces


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