RUKO vs TERRAX - What's the difference?

Finding which drilling/cutting tool is right for you can be difficult. So what is the difference between the RUKO Brand and the TERRAX Brand? This blog is here to help by giving a side by side comparison between RUKO and Terrax drill bits. Exploring which line of products by the RUKO Shop UK is best suited to your drilling and cutting needs.

Manufactured in Germany, For the UK

RUKO Premium Tool Range

Since 1974, RUKO have specialised in the production of drilling, countersinking, and cutting tools. RUKO products are synonymous with end-users across the world who are seeking a premium performance cutting tool solution. This includes RUKO's UltimateCut Collection. This offers innovative and high-quality precision tools for the most demanding applications. These high end world renowned cutting and drilling tools are crafted to perfection within Germany and sold worldwide. RUKO Shop UK offers the best online prices for these high end powerful cutting and drilling strong precision tools within the UK. You can order Precision deluxe RUKO Products from the RUKO Shop UK with Free Next Delivery, when you spend £50 or more.

Terrax by RUKO

Ideal for DIY

TERRAX Lighter Use Tool Range

The Terrax range which is manufactured by Ruko to give a more competitive product for the lighter use, is ideal for everyday general DIY Projects. These High-Quality Economy range of Tools offer RUKO levels of precision at a more affordable price. Manufactured in Europe, RUKO Shop UK is the leading online seller and distributor of Terrax Products for the UK Market. Our complete range comes with Free Next Day Delivery when you spend £50 or more.

RUKO Shop UK Brand Exclusive Products

RUKO offers lots of exclusive premium products over Terrax ideal for the more specific tailored job roles and hardcore construction projects. See which exclusives that both brands offer on the RUKO Shop UK below:


RUKO Brand Exclusives

  • RUKO Rotary Burrs
    Rotary Burrs - RUKO has an exclusive range of high quality Tungsten Carbide Rotary Burrs. These Grinder Tools offer a maximum cutting performance, with a long service life and ease of use across the most popular materials.
  • All Purpose Twist Drill - Exclusive all purpose use Jobber Twist Drill Bits from RUKO. DIN 338 Drill Bits with HSSE-CO5 coating available in sizes ranging from 1mm to 13mm for all drilling machines. The 3-surface-shank provides an excellent fixing within the drill chuck with little effort, ideal for cordless tools. Plus, the shank ensures an ideal power transmission, meaning no spinning of the drill. This is the ultimate universal drill bit.
  • RUKO Hole Saw
    Individual Hole Saws - If you require a single Hole Saw Piece, then RUKO offers this exclusivity. All RUKO Hole Saw Cutters are equipped with end toothing ensuring that the cut is more even and requires less effort. Available in sizes ranging from 14mm to 210mm, these bi-metal hole saws can be used in hand and pillar drills.
  • Ground Pilot Drill Bits - RUKO offers a Substitute Pilot Drill, constructed from High Speed Steel with a 6.35mm Diameter and Split point, this is a premium drill bit ideal for precise drilling. Available in Long and Short Length.
  • Weld Point Drill Bits - Exclusive to the RUKO Shop UK is Spot Weld Point Drills offered only by RUKO.
  • RUKO De Burring Blade
    De Burring Blades - RUKO offers the finest de burring blades for internal and external deburring work on long-chipping materials such as steel, aluminium, plastics and other materials.
  • Hexagonal Magnetic Holder - The perfect accessory for Tap & Die Thread Cutting Tools, this Magnetic Holder is the ideal drill bit holder offered only by RUKO.
  • RUKO Hole Punch
    Screw Hole Punch - RUKO offers the finest screw hole punches for premium performance and a high quality finish. You can view these Tools in action with our YouTube videos.
  • ARBOR Drill Bits - Components suited for Hole Saws offered by RUKO. These Pilot Drills (also referred to as Mandrels or Mandrils) are the ideal fit for Hole Saws offered by both RUKO and Terrax. Designed to connect a Hole Saw to a drill chuck as well as hold the pilot bit. Created from High Speed Steel and with a 6.35mm Diameter to allow a strong and hardened support, ensuring a secure stable and efficent drilling process with a crisp clean finish result.
  • RUKO Arbor Pilot Drills
    UltimateCut - Innovative and high-quality precision tools for the most demanding applications. Coated with exclusive Nano-Technology RUnaTEC High Speed Steel material offering the most efficent drilling and cutting tools on the market.


Terrax Brand Exclusives

  • Terrax Thread Cutting Set
    Thread Cutting Sets - Terrax offers exclusive sets of Hand Tap, machine Taps and other Tap & Die Thread Cutting Accessories, parts and Kits. The Thread Cutting Full Set is availble with 31 Piece Pack ranging up to a full size 54 Piece Set. Alternatively, customers can choose scaled down sets, tailored for their specific tool requirements. These include Machine Tap Only Set (discluding any Die Accessories) or a Hand Taps Only Set (discluding any Die Accessories) or a Round Dies Set (discluding any Taps and focusing solely on Die Tools).
  • Terrax Die Set
    Tap & Die Accessories - Terrax offers exclusive Tap & Die parts. These include individual Round Dies, Machine Taps and a pack of 3 Hand Taps.




Explore the RUKO Shop UK or Get in Touch

You can browse and purchase any Drill Bit, Cutting Tool and Drilling Tool Accesories from RUKO and Terrax here at the RUKO Shop UK. All our products come with Free Next Working Day Delivery when you spend £50 or more. Alternatively, if you are still not sure what tool you need, you can contact us via one of the options below and a member of our team will be happy to help


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