Top 10 Tips On Garden Furniture Assembly

Guide on Garden Furniture and Garden Ornament Assembly, Construction and fixings. Helping to understand how to fix your garden and basic Garden DIY. Utilising RUKO and Terrax Tools.

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  1. Have all the necessary parts and tools you need. Firstly, make sure you have all the parts required for your furniture set or ornament piece. Then decide which Tools are required for the construction. RUKO Shop UK offers a range of assorted products from different style and sized Drill Bits, De Burring Blades and Grinding Tools, Countersinks, Hole Saw Cutters, Screw Hole Punches and Thread Cutting Sets.

 Grass Blades

  1. Assemble/Fix your furniture (or outdoor ornaments) on a non-abrasive surface. Ideal surfaces such as your grass lawn is an ideal location. This is because the furniture or ornament will not get scratched or damaged. Also, this can reduce the risk of debris and grit getting caught in the screws and joints of the item.

    Brush or Cloth Recommended by RUKO Shop UK


  1. Make sure you use the appropriate Tools. For instance, if using a Jobber Twist Drill, ensure that you have the best material coated drill bit. Standard High Speed Steel Drill Bits are ideal for all round drilling needs. Whereas Blacksmith (HSS Black) and Cobalt Coated drill bits are equipped for more robust material with increased hardness (such as strong metals like Cast Iron) and can prove risky for cracking the material if the material is of light and thin depth (like certain plastics, rattan and wood materials). RUKO Shop UK has a range of tools that may be of use for assembling Garden Ornaments or Outdoor Furniture.


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  1. Location is key. It is best to assemble near the final location of where you want the item to be placed. Save the strain of moving what can potentially be a big and/or heavy item. You should also maintain a safe working environment, by making sure you have plenty of space to work around with very little dangers such as fragile items, habitats, animals or people that you can hurt or can hurt you. Your health and safety should be a vital aspect in your labour.

 Grass Blades

  1. Debate between Power Machine Drilling or Manual Hand Drilling. Is a power drill going to be too powerful? You need to decide whether the material you are drilling or cutting would be damaged by use of a power tool. If the material is strong metallic (like Cast Steel or Iron), then a power tool maybe easier. However lighter materials (such as Resin or Rattan) may struggle with the force of the power tool.
Hole Saw Cutting in PlasticCore Drilling in MetalTwist Drilling in MetalStep Drilling in Metal
  1. Seek Support. It is ok not to know what to do. Ask for advice via online blog forums, Website FAQ’s, Search Engines (like Google or Bing), hire professional tradespeople or watch online video tutorials on social media or on platforms such as YouTube. You can check out the RUKO Shop Blog here to see if any blog posts we offer can help and assist you.


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  1. Lift do not drag! Stop scratches developing by lifting the item around rather than dragging. By dragging the item across hard surfaces such as brick, concrete, metal or even select wooden surfaces can increase the risk of damaging both the item and the ground surface.


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  1. Ensure your screws, nuts and bolts are all tightened correctly. Make sure not to overtighten (especially with Wood, Plastic, Resin, Rattan and Wood-Plastic Composite Materials) to avoid cracking of breakages of the surface. But maintain that they are tightened enough to secure the ornament/furniture piece together.


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  1. Check and Follow the Instructions, Details and Guidance. This is a crucial step in assembly or fixing. Ensure when assembling that you follow the instruction manual of the item. Plus, you should check the guidance of the tools you are using. Make sure that the tool product you have is suitable for that type of application.


Terrax by RUKO
  1. Keep on top of it. Do not let your garden-ware go to ruin. Constant maintenance not only reduces the need for hard working labour but maintains affordability. Simple steps like replacing worn or damaged screws can reduce the chances of further (more costly) collapses or breakages. This can help to create a more relaxing time to enjoy your garden on the nice summer days. RUKO Shop UK offers a range of Terrax Tools. Manufactured by RUKO for the lighter use. These Tools are ideal for general DIY work projects. Check them out here.

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