NEW UltimateCut Twist Drills

The NEW RUKO ULTIMATECUT Jobber Twist Drills with FLOWSTEP® Tip provides optimal performance in hand-held (cordless) power tool drill machines, with extremely fast and energy-saving drilling. The drill bit improves the longevity of the tool life significantly, by improving the possibility of up to 5 times as many holes. The ULTIMATECUT Twist Drill (with FLOWSTEP® Tip) can achieve a time saving of up to 50% on any drilling project. It also has perfect centering, avoiding slipping even on round surfaces such as pipe and tube.



    RUKO ULTIMATECUT Twist Drill Bits with FLOWSTEP Tip



    • 5 x more holes possible
    • Up to 50% faster drilling
    • Extremely energy saving

    The FLOWSTEP® tip

    Spot centering without center punching and faster spot drilling on a wide variety of materials and surfaces such as pipes. The FLOWSTEP Tip

    The FLOWSTEP® technology

    The FLOWSTEP Technology RUKO's unique cutting edge geometry results in a much smoother and faster drilling process.


    Three-Face Stock

    Full power transmission from the machine to the tool and no annoying re-clamping in the drill chuck ensure easy and uncomplicated work.

    Three-Face Stock



    Main Applications:

     Material HSS HSSE-Co5
    Steel (N/mm2) < 900
    Steel (N/mm2) < 1100
    Steel (N/mm2) < 1300
    Stainless Steel
    Acrylic Glass


    Secondary Applications:

    Material HSS HSSE-Co5
    Cast Iron



  • Additional Specifications

  • Material Options HSS or HSSE-Co5
    Coating Options Normal (Uncoated) or Bronzed / Black Oxidized Surface
    Cutting Direction Right Hand Cutting
    Shaft 3-Way Clamping Surface
    Tip Grinding FLOWSTEP®
    DIN 338
    Tolerance h8
    Core Normal
    Groove Profile Normal
    Spiral Angle 25° - 30°
    Point Angle 130°
    Drilling Depth 5 x Diameter ()
    Tip Diameter (⌀) ≥ ⌀ 3.0mm

  • ULTIMATECUT Range Available At RUKO UK

  •  Twist Drill Set (HSS) with FLOWSTEP® Tip

    Step Drill Set (HSS) with Turbo Tip

    Single Step Drill Bit (HSS) with Turbo Tip

    Single Type C Countersink Bit

    From £92.50 From £249.69 From £77.33 From £17.59
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  • Made In Germany, For The UK Market


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