New Additions - Summer 2023

RUKO UK Summer 2023 

This summer we have introduced a variety of new RUKO and TERRAX by RUKO Cutting and Drilling Tool additions to our RUKO UK Website Shop. You can check out our latest summer releases below as we provide you a brief overview of each product added to our store.


RUKO Core Drill/Annular Cutter Set

 RUKO HSS Annular Cutter Core Drill Set

Core Drill/Broach Cutter Set of 7 Pieces made from High Speed Steel, Set stored in a Red Steel Case. Suitable for steel (such as T-brackets, large sheets), cast iron, non-ferrous and light metals.

SKU Product Code - 108820

Price - £109.50

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RUKO Slotted Countersink Set

 RUKO HSS Slotted Countersinking Set

4 Piece Set of Slotted Countersinks with 90° Diameter ranging from 2.0mm-20.0mm stored in a Grey Plastic Case.

Peeling cut. Chip removal through the slot prevents chips from clogging the workpiece. Ideal for burr- and chatter-free deburring and countersinking. Applicable for steel, cast iron, non-ferrous and light metals. Best results at low cutting speeds. Countersink with a blade not recommended for full countersinking.

SKU Product Code - 102312RO

Price - £59.50

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RUKO Tapping Drill Set

 RUKO HSS Tapping Drill Set

24 Piece Set stored in a Grey Plastic Case.

Includes Twist Drill Bits diameter sizes ranging from 1.0mm - 10.5mm in increments of 0.5mm.

Also includes Tapping Drill Bits with diameters of 3.3mm, 4.2mm, 6.8mm and 10.2mm.

SKU Product Code - 214216RO

Price - £37.50

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TERRAX Twist Drill Triple Pack

 TERRAX by RUKO Twist Drill Triple Pack

3-in-1 Jobber Twist Drill Pack For Metalworking Applications. 3 x Sets of Drills in Plastic Cases. 19 Piece Sets x 3, equalling 57 Piece Pack in total.

1 x Set of HSS Ground Drill Bits, 1 x Set of HSS with TIN Coating Drill Bits and 1 x Set of HSSE-Co5 Cobalt Drill Bits. All containing Drill Bits with Diameters ranging from 1.0mm - 10.0mm in increments of 0.5mm.

Set Contains: A215214RO (Barcode - 4007140367723), A214214RO (Barcode - 4007140367709) and A250214TRO (Barcode - 4007140367747)

SKU Product Code - A131011

Price - £66.50

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RUKO Tap & Drill Combo Set

 RUKO HSS Single Cut Taps and Twist Drill Set

15 Piece Set of Single-Cut Hand Taps and Jobber Twist Drill Bits in Plastic Case. Contains 7 x HSS Taps (DIN 352), 7 x HSS Twist Drills (DIN 338) and 1 x Tap Wrench (DIN 1814).

SKU Product Code - 245004RO

Price - £37.50

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RUKO ProCoil Thread Repair Kit

 RUKO ProCoil Thread Repair Assortment Set

Thread Repairing Assortment in Plastic Case.

Two Options Available : 86 Piece Set Size and 77 Piece Set Size

86 Piece Set: HSS, 5 x Twist Drill Bits, 5 x Single-Cut Hand Taps (M5 - M12), 60 x Inserts (M5 - M10), 6 x Inserts (M12), 5 x Fitting Tools (M5 - M12) and 5 x Pin-Breakers (3.5mm - 9.0mm Diameter Range).

77 Piece Set: HSS, 5 x Twist Drill Bits, 5 x Single-Cut Hand Taps (M6 - M14), 45 x Inserts (M6 - M10), 12 x Inserts (M12 - M14), 5 x Fitting Tools (M6 - M14) and 5 x Pin-Breakers (4.6mm - 10.0mm Diameter Range).

SKU Product Code - 244208 / 244209

Price - £116.50 / £139.50

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All these products are now available to order from the RUKO UK website with Free Next Day Delivery* when you spend £50 or more. Or Call our sales team on 01299 269 501.

*Please Note we sell and ship to the UK ONLY*

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RUKO UK Summer 2023

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