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Panther PPE by Parweld - RUKO UK
RUKO extends its partnership with Parweld LTD. by supplying RUKO UK with Parweld's PPE Collection.
These include Parwelds Panther PPE brand, providing high-quality Safety and Protective Clothing, Accessories and other equipment.



What is Panther PPE?

Panther PPE by Parweld is a brand supplying high-quality Safety Equipment and PPE Clothing. Staying safe & protected is essential when working in any environment. Panther offers a range of hard wearing safety equipment ideal for workshop use, large scale construction projects or small scale DIY Tasks.

 Panther PPE by Parweld


What PPE Products are available?

Panther PPE Gloves will be available for high-quality hand protection when drilling or cutting. Gloves include Gripper Gloves, ISO Cut Spec Gloves, Thermal Gripper Gloves and Mechanic Gloves.



Also in stock, will be Eyewear Protection such as Safety Goggles and Safety Specs. These will provide the best vision protection on DIY Projects, Workshop Usage or Large Scale Construction Builds.



What are the Delivery Costs for these products?

Exactly the same as the RUKO and Terrax Tools. All orders made at RUKO UK will be eligable for Free Next Working Day (Monday - Friday) Delivery when the order total equates to £50 or more.


What is the best way to Contact RUKO Shop UK for further enquiries?

You can email: or Call: +44 (0) 1299 269 501




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