New UltimateCut Range of Products

RUKO UltimateCut Range
RUKO Shop UK now sells the most innovative and high-quality precision tools for the most demanding applications in our new range of Ultimate Cut Tools. Including our set of UltimateCut HSS Step Drills and our UltimateCut Type C Countersinks.
RUKO UltimateCut Step Drills HSS
 Step Drills The ULTIMATECUT step drill revolutionizes the work process and sets new standards in machining time with time savings of up to 75%. The step drill from RUKO achieves this through its revolutionary cutting edge geometry by combining the most diverse applications and tools. This means less tools needed, no tool changes and ultimate flexibility.

Key Features Include:
  • No center punching thanks to specially developed turbo tip.
  • No tool changes due to pre-drilling and different drill hole diameters, which would occur with for e.g. twist drills.
  • No problems in hard-to-reach places, for e.g. T-beams, where the use of big machines with core drills is problematic.
  • No problems with low holding forces of magnetic stand drilling machines for materials < 10 mm, since it can be drilled with a manual drilling machine.
  • No extra deburring necessary, the next step takes over this function.
  • RUnaTEC Nano-Technology Coating

Check out the Step Drills Here!

RUKO UltimateCut Countersink Type C

The ULTIMATECUT countersink is a high performance tool which stands for best performance: up to 30% time savings, twice as many countersinks as standard tools and excellent, smooth countersinking results in almost all materials.

The specially developed countersink from RUKO achieves this through its unique cutting edge geometry, with the specially developed variably running relief grinding, transition radius and the extra-wide chip flute.

Key Features Include:

  • Achieves the best performance in almost all materials and applications
  • Considerably less feed force required
  • Up to 60 % longer service life
  • Up to 30 % faster countersinking
  • Extremely quiet running
  • Optimal and smooth surface
  • Perfect chip removal
  • RUnaTEC Nano-Technology Coating

Check out the Countersinks Here!

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