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RUKO UK is an official verified distributor of RUKO Precision Tools for cutting and drilling applications. Alongside this, RUKO UK also provide TERRAX Tools and Panther PPE products. Here we will outline where these products are made and some of the manufacturing processes used.

RUKO Manufacturing and Production


What is RUKO?

RUKO - High-Quality Precision Tools

Made in Germany, RUKO is a manufacturer with a very proud pedigree and strong history for creating, manufacturing and selling high quality European cutting tools.

Founded in 1974, RUKO products are synonymous with end-users across the world who are seeking a premium performance cutting tool solution.

All RUKO Precision Tools including Drill Bits, Threading Tap & Die Range, Rotary Burrs, De Burring Blades, Hole Punches and Countersinking Products are manufactured within the RUKO Manufacturing Facility at their Company Headquarters near Stuttgart in Germany.

The state of the art facilities allow for a modern production, which is highly efficient and also has a significant impact on environmental friendliness. This is down to the continous investment in the latest technologies in development, production and quality control, to allow for the finest high-quality precision tools for the toughest of applicational usage.

Today, RUKO GmbH Präzisionswerkzeuge is one of the world's leading manufacturers of precision tools for metal cutting.

You can see our full range of RUKO branded products here.



What is TERRAX by RUKO?

TERRAX by RUKO - Manufactured by RUKO for the lighter use

The Terrax Range is manufactured by RUKO to give a more competitive product for the lighter user. Terrax Products are ideal for DIY Projects.

These tools are manufactured at the RUKO manufacturing facility in Poland.

You can see our full range of Terrax by RUKO branded products here.


What is Panther PPE?

Panther PPE by Parweld - High-Quality Safety Equipment and Protective Accessories

Panther PPE products are manufactured by Parweld, a global manufacturer and developer of welding tools and accessories. Panther PPE is a brand supplying high-quality Safety Equipment and PPE Clothing. Staying safe & protected is essential when working in any environment. Panther offers a range of hard wearing safety equipment ideal for workshop use, large scale construction projects or small scale DIY Tasks

You can see our full range of Panther PPE by Parweld branded products here.


Product Production Visual Insight

Twist Drill Production Line -

Step Drill Production Line - 

 Core Drill / Annular Cutter Production Line -

 Countersinks (Taper and Deburring) Production Line -

 Rotary Burrs Production Line -

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