New Gift Ideas Service

RUKO Shop UK offers a new service on our website called "Gift Ideas". This service allows you to browse all our multi-pack sets of drill bits, cutting tools and drilling accessories as the perfect gift whatever the occasion. All with Free Next Day Delivery on Orders over £50 Excluding VAT (Orders Under £50 contain a £4.50 Shipping Fee).

Terrax Jobber Drill Set

Gift Sets Include:


Terrax Step Drill Set
  • HSS Jobber Twist Drills - Both RUKO and Terrax with different coating material options
  • Step Drill Packs - Both RUKO and Terrax, including the UltimateCut Step Drills Set
  • Core Drills - Terrax 7 Piece pack of 6 HSS Annular Cutters/Core Drills with Ejector Pin
  • Tap & Die Sets - Explore the Terrax Hand Taps, Machine Taps, Dies and other Thread Cutting Tools
  • Rotary Burr Boxes - Box Sets of RUKO Rotary Burrs
  • Hole Saws - RUKO Hole Saw Kits containing different sized Hole Saw Cutters and accompanying Arbor Drills
  • Countersinking - Terrax Countersink set with optional TiN Coating variants.
Twist Drill Set

Order Online 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days A Week. RUKO Shop UK Offers Order Confirmation and Shipping Updates Directly to your email inbox, with 99% of our products despatched same day from stock. All orders placed by 5:00pm Monday to Thursday and 4:00pm Friday will be dispatched on a next day carrier service. This is for UK based residents and business addresses only. For potential international orders please contact RUKO Shop UK on +44 1299 269 501 or email


Explore the new Gift Ideas service here.

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